Xbox 360 will cost around the same price as PS3

13/07/2009 13:05

Now i'm not a fanboy at all. I actually love the Xbox 360. Yet with everyone saying that the 360 is better as it has better games and a much cheaper price. It has some good exclusive games but it is not as cheap as you think it is. An 80gb PlayStation 3 with inFamous and Killzone 2 is £299.99 in the UK's biggest gaming retailer GAME at the moment, yet a Premium 60gb Xbox 360 with Fight Night Round 4 is £169.99 in the same place. Seem cheap? Well the console is, but what about the accessories?.

With a 60gb Xbox 360 with Fight Night Round 4 you will get as standard:

  • Wireless Controller
  • 60gb Hard Drive
  • Wired Headset
  • Standard TV Cable
  • Xbox 360 Live Silver (3 Months Subscription)
  • Internet Cable

Now i will admit that that is a good deal for £169.99. But if your a hardcore gamer than you will have to get a 12 month Xbox Live subscription which will cost you £34.99 so that makes just over £200. If you don't want a wired headset and want a wireless one to move around the room whilst playing COD4 then its going to cost you £30 (takes you to £230). If you want the ultimate gaming experiance you need a HDMI cable which will cost around £5 although if you chose to buy the official 360 HDMI it will cost £35 but the cable is no different to one you can buy for less than £5 on eBay.

So we are now up to £235. There is more accessories that you may want. A Live Vision Camera will set you back a whopping £35 (£10 more than the PlayStation Eye). Another wireless controller will cost £35 if you have friends over and a coolin fan which will help stop the Red Ring of Death affecting your machine will add another £15 to your bill. So with all of thee accessories that i have just listed, you will be paying £290.

That is just £10 off a PlayStation 3 which features:

  • Blu-Ray Disc Drive (Which will usually cost around £200 in other shops)
  • 80gb Hard Dive
  • Wi-Fi (Saves £50)
  • Free PlayStation Network access
  • PSP Connectivity
  • Standard TV Cable

There are a few PS3 Accessories you may want but many of them are a lot cheaper than most 360 accessories. The PS3 will cost more altogether, but you get a Blu-Ray player which costs £200 and 20gb more space in the hard drive. I love the Xbox 360 but altogether, the PlayStation 3 is the ultimate console for its money. 



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