What should Treyarch do with the next Call of Duty

04/08/2009 20:37

After the hugely successful Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Treyarch had to come out with a sequel that lived up to expectation. So what did they do? Create a World War II First-Person Shooter, World at War. Next up is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which is set to break all kinds of records. Once again, Treyarch are going to have to create another game to compete with MW2. How do they do that? Perhaps, a Future Warfare game.

Theres no doubt that World at War had a successful amount of copies sold since it's release in November but there were many complaints about the way Treyarch went straight to the World War II timeline instead of bringing something new to the board. From what we know, the next Call of Duty is already in development and it is believed that it will be set in Cold War times. But why don't they create a Future Warfare game? 

If they were to create a future war game, then they can take their time to create a masterpiece, like Killzone 2. If they are currently creating a Cold War game in their California headquarters then they need to make it better than excellent. Treyarch don't often listen to the COD fans and try to make all the money they possibly can by bringing out 3 map packs, just a few months before Modern Warfare 2 is released where people will be saving their money for the most expensive console game yet. Most Call of Duty fans want Infinity Ward to take over the project but we must face that Treyarch will be back, for atleast 1 more game. We need a change of scene. Either the Cold War/Vietnam or a Fututre Warfare hit. We're running a poll to find out what you want. Click your option below. 



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