Wait to Pre-Order Modern Warfare 2?

13/07/2009 08:38

Game retailers are already making a fortune from many, many Call of Duty fans pre-ordering the next installment Modern Warfare 2. The game is though, more expensive than most games have been in the last 2 years. The original Modern Warfare was £49.99 in the UK whilst Modern Warfare 2 is currently going for £44.99. Bargain? Maybe, but you may want to wait till closer to the release of what will be the biggest game of 2009.

What usually happens is that game retailers put the price up slightly when the game is first put up onto sale. In 3 months time they may put the price down by £5 to attract more customers and make the people who pre-ordered the game earlier feel like idots. And finally they might add £10 onto the price to make the game £49.99, but you may get a little more for your money. Including an online add-on or early weapon which many hardcore FPS' shooters will choose to do.

Also, we now know what the box art will look like. Choose you time to pre-order Modern Warfare 2.

Cheapest Modern Warfare 2 Price: Shopto.net - £42.99


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