Super Stardust HD Developers making new PSN Exclusive

25/06/2009 18:25

In an online letter posted on the US' PlayStation Blog, it has been revealed that the creators of Super Stardust HD will be making an new game which will be exclusive to the PlayStation Network . Petteri Putkonen, one of the developers from Housemarque who created Super Stardust HD wrote on the PlayStation blog saying:

"We're currently busy trying to outdo ourselves with our next PSN exclusive game that's in development at the moment. We'd love to tell you more about it but will have to wait a little bit longer bfore we can reveal any details. At the moment, all we can say is we're confident it'll be worth your wait."

So will it be worth the wait? We hope so as SSHD was a success so we hope they do take enough time to get it just right. In celebration of Super Stardust HD's second anniversary, the game has been put back up on the front of the PlayStation Store. To see a list of full updates on the PlayStation Store this week, Click Here.


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