Short Preview: F1 2010

19/06/2009 10:33

 F1 2010 is supposed to be hitting shelves in May 2010. That could have changed now that all the major F1 contestant's have pulled out of next year's competition and forming their own competition!

The game use the EGO engine and was set to redefine the F1 experiance even if you are not a fan. How are they going to do that now? We don't know. It is the official F1 game so every car, driver, track and even the billboards will be officially licensed. The game features an arcade mode and sim mode including customizable tracks and weather.

The game also has an online Career Mode and hold's 26 players per race so it was looking very good for F1 2010. Until today's news. Don't worry hardcore F1 Fans you should get a game based on the new competition by next year.


Name: F1 2010

Release Date: May 2010

Format: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows

Publisher: Codemasters

Developer: Codemasters

Players: 1-26

Online Options: Career Mode


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