PSN has 25 Million Users

24/06/2009 13:10

The PlayStation Network is big, so big infact that it has been announced in a Sony press release that the PlayStation Network now has over 25 million user accounts.

The press release entitled 'PlayStation Network Proves Content Is King' also told us that Final Fantasy VII was the biggest selling PS One Classic game to be re-released on the PlayStation Store (Full Report Click Here). Sony also confirmed some new PlayStation 1 Classics were on the way (Click Here to see full list).

500 million pieces of content have also been downloaded off the PlayStation Store incuding over 1,900 movies and 9000 TV Shows. Many people will argue that Live is still better, but then you would if the 360 is your preffered console. Every Thursday there is more and more downloadable content available and we will be bringing you the full list of content very soon.



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