PSN Expansion On the Way

26/06/2009 11:59

We know how impressive the PlayStation Network is these days. But that can only be said for the North America Store. The NA Store allows you to download movies such as Hancock which was available on the store 6 weeks before its release on DVD. TV Shows are also downloadable and it was revealed that over 1,900 movies and over 9000 tv shows had been downloaded directly from the North American PSN.

Now Sony have said that there could be an expansion for the PlayStation Network. According to a recent report on the CNN website (which is a lengthy read) the Network will be "broader and more open". Kazuo Hirai, Chairman of Sony Computer EntertainmentInc. has said "the new service will overlay the backbone of the PlayStation Network".

The service would make such things easier such as putting images from a camera on TV, displaying and editing video, sharing with friends, and storage. Brand loyalists would be rewarded with incentives like discounts and premium services (sounds a lot like Cloud).

Expect changes to a lot of Sony's products starting as early as Spring 2010 according to Hirai.


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