PS3 Slim to get September 2 Release Date

22/07/2009 09:15

There has been huge speculation on when the PS3 Slim will be released into the wild. Ever since the first leaked photos in February time. Then there was a sighting in Aisa which was recorded, but its hard to see whether its real or not. Now, PlayStation World Magazine have written a small article in their new magazine which says:

"Two Taiwanese firms, Foxconn and Pegatron, have reportedly signed on to produce the rumoured streamlined PS3, known as PS3 Slim. They could be in Japanese stores by September

Not only that, but we now believe that it will be released on September 2, after many retail sources have said it will be released on the 2nd in Europe for €299. However, at first we had been told that it would be announced aswell as the Price cut of the original PS3, at this years Tokyo Games Show on September 24 to September 27. We'll keep you posted.


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