PS3 Slim and Price Drop Info

12/07/2009 14:59

There has been much speculation over what will happen with the PlayStation 3's price drop and when it will happen. Also, at the beginnin of the year, leaked pictures showed a new design for a PS3 Slim. From what we know, there will be two announcements at this years Tokyo Games Show. The first will be the announcement of the Price Drop which has been one of the biggest arguments in the gaming industry so far this year. It is believed that the price drop will go from $400/£300 for a standard 80gb system to $325/£275.

The second announcement that we are expecting either on the 24th or 25th of September in Chiba, Japan is that of the 'PlayStation 3 Slim'. There is no doubt that the pictures we have seen are real and with Activision threatening to stop supporting the PS3 if there is no price drop soon, Sony need to announce a.s.a.p. or PlayStation 3 owners could be seeing the last of the Call of Duty series which would ultimately mean that Microsoft have won the battle for next-gen consoles. Speculation tells us that the PS3 Silm will have a 120gb hard drive with no option to change it. No word as yet on a price.

If these 2 brilliant ideas aren't announced at the TGS then you can still expect annoncement by the end of this year.


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