PS2 Drops off Japanese Top 30 since Release

25/06/2009 15:58

This could be the end of an era as for the first time since the consoles release back in 2000, there isn't a single PlayStation 2 title on the Japanese Top 30 Software charts.

The list actually features only two PlayStation 3 titles. It also features 16 DS titles, 7 Wii titles and 5 PSP titles. PlayStation 2 titles can't keep up with the quality of next-gen games these days and in a few months we may see that almost every publisher will stop supporting the biggest selling console in history.

This is still happening despite the console selling over 136 million units as of December 2008, and with the price cut to $99/£79 it shows that people are still after the PS2. The problem is that a lot of PS2 gamers won't be able to play quality games.

Should we say goodbye to the PlayStation 2 within the next 6 months?


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