Price Cut: More 360 News

06/08/2009 16:29

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors. Currently there are many rumors hitting the web such as the PS3 Price Cut and the all-but confirmed PlayStation 3 Slim. Now theres a new one. On a 360 price cut. 12 hours ago, Kotaku put up new pictures comparing the old to new boxes for the Xbox 360 Arcade. The new one didn't show the Premium console, and Kotaku claimed that the Premium model could now on its way from high street shelves, which means that the Elite Console could face a price cut and will be a huge competitior to the new PlayStation 3 Slim aswell as the ongoing talk over a PS3 Price Cut. I contacted GAME to find out if there was any truth in this. The reply i got was: 

"Unfortunately I am unable to give you a definitive answer on this matter as this information has not yet been confirmed. I apologies for any confusion this may have caused."

Not only that, but in the last few hours, 6 of the 9 deals available for the Premium console have been taken off the GAME website. Leaving just a Gears of War Limited Edition with 2 other games and extra controller for £209, a Pre-Owned bundle with Fight Night Round 4 for a exceptional £139.99 and just a Pre-Owned 60gb Console. Which almost confirms that the games console has been discontinued.  

Update 1: Gamestation UK have just taken all Xbox 360 60gb deals of of their site.

Update 2: In the last hour, Asda and HMV have claimed that their Xbox 360 60gb consoles are 'Sold Out'


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