More PlayStation Cloud Details

24/06/2009 10:39

The rumor of PlayStation Cloud was broken when a screenshot was put up online. Now a member on the Cubed3 forum, claims that a source (who works at Sony) told him some new details about this new application that will be coming to the PlayStation Network. 

According to the source, PlayStation Cloud is like a PlayStation Online Portal including showing:

  • Save game data
  • PlayStation Home data
  • PlayStation Network game statistics
  • Registered hardware and software
  • In-Game Screenshots
  • Video Capture using the YouTube uploading feature

We can't confirm if these details are true or not and Sony don't commenton any rumors whatsoever so for the moment, we'll have to wait and see. Sony Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has said "This is 100 percent fake" eventhough his personal PSN iD is shown on the leaked screenshot.



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