Next Medal of Honor could be Next Big Thing

20/06/2009 09:12

Wondering what's been happening to Medal of Honor since Airborne? Well, at the beginning of the year EA (MOH Publishers) admitted that they were working on "the best FPS ever". What is that First-Person Shooter you ask? It's almost certain to be the highly speculated Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda. We knew that EA were working on a new FPS when EALA put a job online for an Art Director for what would be "to create the coolest piece of entertainment software the world has ever known". EALA also said it was the best FPS they had ever made..”

What is Operation Anaconda?

Anaconda was an operation where the US Military attempted to destroy al-Qaeda and Taliban forces in the South East of Zormat, Afghanistan. The allied's were victorious, but the Taliban managed to evacuate with up to 800 casualties.

How could this be a good game?

If the "best FPS ever" is Anaconda, then it has the potential to be huge. Possibly a competitor to Modern Warfare. EALA need to take the right amount of time to make the game perfect. The physics system in the game needs to be as realistic as possible to even compete with the brilliance of Modern Warfare. The storyline is another thing that needs to be perfect as Call of Duty 4's storyline was one that will go down in history for brilliance and Infinity Ward are planning for Modern Warfare 2's campaign mode to exceed that.


Ofcourse there will be an online mode if the game is going to compete with other FPS'. It's whether EA take more time on the single player campaign or the online campaign. The online mode needs a good setup menu, as Call of Duty's is so simple, it works for almost everyone. New online games need to be created (new type of Search and Destroy or something a little like that). 


So Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda hasn't been confirmed yet, but if it is on it's way it has huge potential in the gaming world. Expect an announcement of the new EALA FPS in the coming months.




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