Mafia II Release Date Confirmed by SwapGame

26/07/2009 19:51

Many heads went down when it was revealed that the highly anticipated sequel to Mafia was post-poned. Well, things might be looking up for the franchise as SwapGame, the UK's most popular game rental site have marked it for a release date of September 25 for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We were interested so we got in touch with SwapGame and they replied with:

"Games come up on the site as release dates are definitely confirmed by publishers and as they provide the media assets such as packshots, trailers etc."


Now, we can't confirm whether this is the current release date for North America as SwapGame is a UK based company. Although if this is the exact release date, then expect Mafia II to be released in North America around this time, but it does look like Mafia II will make this year easily and quite soon. A preview is coming soon for this highly anticipated GTA style game.



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