Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review

18/06/2009 14:12

 A blast from the past! Ghostbusters is back and bigger than ever. The new video game of the very popular movie franchise is almost here and it is better than alright. The storyline sees you play as the 'new guy' of the Ghostbusters group. If your a die-hard Ghostbusters fan then you'll love this, if your not then you'll probably still love it just as much. The original cast have taken the time to record all the voice acting and that is one thing in the game that pays off hugely.

The gameplay is very unique as you take on such famous ghosts as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer. When catching a ghost you create absolute destruction. Which is fun! And once you've caught your first ghost (Slimer) in the tutorial level of the game you feel as if you've accomlished something huge. Fire your proton beam until you have your ghost, then quickly slide a trap underneath him and once the ghosts energy levels are low you can slam them into the trap. You may even get a little dizzy watching your proton beams moving all over the place to wrangle the ghosts into position.

As this is a video game and you play as the new game, you are the experiment. So your given a new gadget at the start of every level. Different types of beams are for different types of ghost and you will gradually learn a lot more than you think you could as you progress through the game.

The PKE Meter is a very helpful device as it helps identify new ghouls with it's scanner. It can also identify collectables, clues and enemies through the game. The not so much highlight of the game is the first-person night vision which takes the third-person feeling out of the game and it does disturb the game slightly but not for long at all.

The game should certainly be welcomed by consoles as it is'nt just alright like most games made from movies, it's good and verging on brilliant. The graphics are excellent even though the PS3 version isn't as polished as the 360 but not to worry it is still a good game. It's a decent length for any game and is probably worth the £40/$80 that it will be selling for. You will be pleasently surprised with this game.


LPS Score - 83/100.


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