2 Competitors for Modern Warfare 2

24/06/2009 11:29

Modern Warfare 2 will be a great game. We know that. What we really want though is some competitors for the huge franchise known as Call of Duty, and we may have one soon.

Before Call of Duty came along, Medal of Honor was the leading war-game franchise and has since dissapeared since Airborne in 2007. Many people believe that the franchise is dead. It may not be since all the rumors on Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda sprung up late last year. See our report on Operation Anaconda here.

We also know that Gearbox have filled trademark registrations for a possible new war franchise under the name of War Hero. See our full report here. One of the trademark registrations is for a game called Modern War Hero. Sounds very simple but we hope that Gearbox will take the time to make the game compete with Modern Warfare 2 (or 3!) on the biggest scale possible.

Modern Warfare 2 will ofcourse be released on November 10 2009 and is set to break records in the gaming industry. Full preview coming soon.


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