New Square Enix Game in the Making (Update)

25/06/2009 19:35
LivePlayStation understands that Square Enix have a new game in the making after an advertisement was posted on Gamasutra Jobs. Information about the job was very brief as the advertisement reads: "We are looking for a Senior Level Designer to create the levels for our action oriented...

Super Stardust HD Developers making new PSN Exclusive

25/06/2009 18:25
In an online letter posted on the US' PlayStation Blog, it has been revealed that the creators of Super Stardust HD will be making an new game which will be exclusive to the PlayStation Network . Petteri Putkonen, one of the developers from Housemarque who created Super Stardust HD wrote on...

Fallout 3 PS3 DLC is Almost Finished

25/06/2009 16:12
DLC for one of the biggest games of 2008, Fallout 3 has always been released for the PC and 360. Now it is on it's way to the PlayStation 3 and Pete Hines, Chief Spokesman for Bethesda has revealed that Operation Anchorage is almost ready. Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, Hines...

PS2 Drops off Japanese Top 30 since Release

25/06/2009 15:58
This could be the end of an era as for the first time since the consoles release back in 2000, there isn't a single PlayStation 2 title on the Japanese Top 30 Software charts. The list actually features only two PlayStation 3 titles. It also features 16 DS titles, 7 Wii titles and 5 PSP titles....

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Multiplayer Trailer

25/06/2009 12:03
We've got it from Ubisoft, now we're showing it to you. The new trailer for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Multiplayer which explains all the different online modes you could be getting yourself into. Pre-Order Call of Juarez here.  

Megan Fox Transformers Game Interview

25/06/2009 10:29
Megan Fox has a video interview in which she talks about the game itself, giving the voice-over and who's her favourite Transformer from the new movie and videogame, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  

Analyst: Sony Motion Controller "superior" to Natal

25/06/2009 09:18
Many, many people believe that the 360's Project Natal was the winner over the PS3's Motion Controller. But not analyst Doug Creutz. He believes the PlayStation 3 Wand is "superior" to Natal. "The Project Natal demo from Microsoft got most of the ink, but I really thought Sony's demo was superior...

New Gearbox War Games to compete with Call of Duty?

24/06/2009 10:29
Gearbox Software have filled trademark registrations for a new war game. Trademark registrations include: Modern War Hero World War II Hero War Hero Brothers In Arms War Hero So it looks like Gearbox, creators of Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway are looking to hijack the reputation...
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