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PSN has 25 Million Users

24/06/2009 13:10
The PlayStation Network is big, so big infact that it has been announced in a Sony press release that the PlayStation Network now has over 25 million user accounts. The press release entitled 'PlayStation Network Proves Content Is King' also told us that Final Fantasy VII was the biggest...

2 Competitors for Modern Warfare 2

24/06/2009 11:29
Modern Warfare 2 will be a great game. We know that. What we really want though is some competitors for the huge franchise known as Call of Duty, and we may have one soon. Before Call of Duty came along, Medal of Honor was the leading war-game franchise and has since dissapeared since Airborne in...

More PlayStation Cloud Details

24/06/2009 10:39
The rumor of PlayStation Cloud was broken when a screenshot was put up online. Now a member on the Cubed3 forum, claims that a source (who works at Sony) told him some new details about this new application that will be coming to the PlayStation Network.  According to the source, PlayStation...

New Gearbox War Games to compete with Call of Duty?

24/06/2009 10:29
Gearbox Software have filled trademark registrations for a new war game. Trademark registrations include: Modern War Hero World War II Hero War Hero Brothers In Arms War Hero So it looks like Gearbox, creators of Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway are looking to hijack the reputation...

Firmware 2.80 Available Tomorrow

23/06/2009 21:06
Sony will tomorrow release the new Firmware update for the PlayStation 3. The update will not feature any major changes for PS3 but will fix the problems with the performance of the machine, mainly the main crossbar dashboard and trophy troubles that people have been suffering with. Sony have...

Final Fantasy VII Hits 100,000

23/06/2009 20:52
It has been revealed the the PS One Classic Final Fantasy VII has been downloaded 100,000 times since it's re-release on the PlayStation Store two weeks ago. According to Joystiq, VII is now the fastest selling PS One Classic game that has been re-released on the PlayStation Network with Resident...

Modern Warfare 2 Special Ops Mode is 2 Player

23/06/2009 15:12
Infinity Ward have said that two-player is the "magic number" for co-op. It was revealed that Modern Warfare 2 would not feature a Campign Co-op mode but an all new Special Ops mode which is "designed to be replayed over and over again". Speaking to VideoGamer, Robert Bowling, director of...

E3 '09: Uncharted 2 Voted Best Game

23/06/2009 13:48
The Game Critics Awards has named Uncharted 2: Among Thieves the best game of E3 2009. The judges are all editors from well-known American Gaming Websites, 28 of them to be precise. The game was named the Best of Show, Best Action Adventure Game and Best Console Game. This shows that the PS3 really...

The Punisher: No Mercy hits PSN on July 2

23/06/2009 13:27
 Zen Studios have today announced that The Punicher: No Mercy will be making it's way onto the PlayStation Network on July 2. The game will be available for download at a price of $9.99 (Possibly £7.99). Zsolt Kigyossy, Managing Director of Zen said: "Our team has been working long hours to...

PlayStation Cloud Leaked Screenshot and Details

23/06/2009 04:00
Wondering what all the rumors about PlayStation Cloud are about? Well, there is a screenshot that has been taken and been put on IGN.The PlaySTation Cloud application is a PlayStation Network that gathers all your saves, stats and trophies online and shown to the world. Sony Social Media Manager...

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